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Snæfellsnes Peninsula private tour

    Tour operator: Iceland Go Tours     60 minutes     Travel method: Jeep / 4x4

Snæfellsnes is a peninsula of great diversity. In fact, of all the peninsulas in Iceland, Snæfellsnes is most likely the most diverse.

You could say that it is a kind of peninsula overachiever; it is not satisfied with providing travelers with some of the most attractive natural features of Iceland, merely – but attempts to incorporate all of them instead (it is referred to by some as “miniature Iceland”).

On Snæfellsnes you will not only find a beautiful view of the ocean along with a view of the multitude of bird species that decorate its ocean cliffs, but also waterfalls, volcanic craters, lava fields, black sand beaches, mt Kirkjufell one of the most beautiful mountains in Iceland – and a glacier

Snæfellsjökull was featured in one of the great works of classic sci-fi literature: Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. Come along with us to the center of Iceland’s metaphorical heart – the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

If you are interested in photography the Snæfellsnes jeep tour is a the one for you. We travel in small groups so you can take the time you need at each place

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60 minutes